Battle dew from his brow falls as rain upon the field at last he meets the warrior with the strength to rend his shield

Ready for his final fight he looks upon the slain those that he defeated on his way to meet the same

Axe firm in hand at the end of his story the clashing steel of battle-song sings a tale of glory

Great was the battle fought well and true til he felt the cold sting as steel ran him through

Defeated with honor his foe too met his doom damaged from the fighting he succumbed to his wounds

The final journey ready pyres set ablaze may the star road see them safe and their spirits shown the way

The doors to odins hall awaits them at the end heimdal bids one welcome and embraces him as kin

He then greets the other but in sadness cold and grim “you fell before your time” he says “I cannot let you in”

“I return your soul to Midgard as your honor is intact see you live and keep it and you will be welcomed back”

The soul has found its place a life a love a home a certain sense of peace in a time not his own.

Happy in this journey when he sees it’s end he hopes his lady love will join him to fight and feast and drink forever at home among his kin

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