Battle arena

Welcome to the arena!! Here I will hold battles between heroic villainous and neutral champions from all across the the digital realmscape a new battle will be held each week and will be poll voted for the winner. Debates on each battle can be had right here!! So choose a side, place your bets and make the case for your champion!! Ladies and gentlemen……LLLLLLLLLLLEETTS GET RRRREDY TO RRUUMBUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUL!!!!!

PS2 Shinobi protagonist Hotsuma (2002)


Ninja Gaiden protagonist: Ryu Hyabusa (2004)

A battle of ninja masters our two competitors have slain many enemies, but which one is truly the better warrior? Lets find out!!



Age: Unknown Height: Unknown Weight: Unknown

master Swordsman

Superhuman strength

Superhuman speed

superhuman senses

master of Ninjutsu

Stealth Dash (His main form of dodging)

Has a skill where time slows down. He then is able to slash enemies. Enemies hit by his slash will stop in place until he sheaths his sword. Enemies hit by the slash will immediately die.

Ka’en———————(A fire base area-of-attack that makes fires rise from the ground)

Kamaitachi———————–(a ranged shockwave attack)

Raijin————————————(Grant him short invulnerability)

Akujiki————————————————-Akujiki (in Japanese: 妖刀「悪食」 youtou “Akujiki”; the cursed blade “Devourer”), also known as the demon blade, is a katana that acts as a demonic parasite forged by dark magic, it absorbs the souls of its victims to increase its power. This fiendish weapon was used by Hotsuma in Shinobi (2002) and was sought by the Nakatomi Corporation in Nightshade.



Age: 23 Height: 5′ 10″ Weight: 172

superhuman speed

superhuman strength

superhuman senses

master swordsman

master of ninjitsu

master marksman

hand to hand combat master

ninpo———–Art of Divine Life-(uses ki to restore life)

Art of the Inazuma-(lightning attack best for multiple enemies)

Art of the Piercing Void-(Focuses the telekinetic energy of the caster for a gravity based

attack killing all enemies in a straight line)

Art of the Hurricane-(A moveable high range high damage area of effect wind attack)

Art of the Fire Wheel-(Short range Low damage Fire based defense spell)


Dragon Sword

This legendary Japanese sword has been passed down through generations to the Dragon Lineage’s current heir. Its amazingly sharp blade, carved from the fang of an ancient Dragon, is responsible for the deaths of evil beings too numerous to count. As long as the sword remains on this earth, it may only be wielded by a descendant of the Dragon Lineage bloodline. Ryu Hayabusa now carries the sword, just as his father, Joe Hayabusa, did before him.

During the Dark Dragon Blade Incident one year ago, Ryu took up the Dragon Sword in his father’s absence. Ryu defeated a multitude of powerful enemies and avenged his clan, but he was still not the true possessor of the Dragon Sword. Joe, still healthy and strong, did not want to needlessly rush the handing down of the sacred blade. However, after witnessing Ryu’s bravery, valor, and strength during this Incident, Joe resolved to pass down the legendary weapon to his son.


Both warriors agree to meet fully prepared with the equipment listed in a battle to determine who the supreme ninja is!!!! READY?!?! FIGHT!!!!

One thought on “Battle arena

  • Andy
    March 25, 2022 at 10:02 pm

    Personally i have to hand this one to Hyabusa. Not that it would be easy Hotsuma is a worthy opponent to be sure. However Akujiki relies on killing multiple enemies at once to achieve maximum power. a one on one removes this advantage. Ranged attaks and magic will like be ineffective for either of them. So, it will likely come down to swordsmanship and martial arts skill and it is in this, that Hyabusa has the edge. Speed, reaction time, evasive manuvers, ability to close long distances for melee attacks, i think all around Hotsuma is just beat by a better fighter. sword to sword I’m not sure who can match with Ryu Hyabusa

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