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Rocket League Club: Spectrum Soldiers Guild (SSG)

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I started this club for fun but now i find my ambition growing. I have noticed that in many cases teammates will forgo all sense of team work in order to score a goal. The strength of a team is not singularly dependent on how many goals scored but also control of the ball, defense, and the number of saves made. I cannot stress enough how important that is. everyone wants to score.....I get that, but what a team needs more than good defense and good shooters is a good goalie. I have see my whole team abandon the goal, gather on the opposite side lose, control of the ball and no one able to make the save in time. A dedicated goalie can not only keep opponent scores low, I have seen many saves slung downfield for a score. goalie IMHO is the most important position in Rocket League (as it happens I'm a terrible goalie) So, I'm focusing on team building starting with team captains and goalies. If we are going to be in a club together we have to start playing the game together so when we win people know exactly who they were beaten by. All players interested, rather a current member or visitor to the forum, post a screenshot of your career stats and name here. A well built team will win more matches than it will lose, so lets win more!