Screen-name: Felly_pelly

Age: 35

Nationality: USA

Social Media: N\A

Favorite Genre: MMORPG

I am 35 From USA, originally from the East Coast but living in Missouri, because my husband is military. I am a wife, a Mother … huge gamer. I have been a gamer for my entire life, but the true love started when I played EQOA (EverQuest online Adventures) I am originally a MMORPGr but recently took a turn for shooter; mostly Fortnite. I aim to make people laugh, I am outgoing and swear like a sailor with absolutely no filter at all. I love making friends and look forward to meeting many more.

My homegirls and I in the lobby. I met them all in random squads… we ran into each other in September and have played together every morning since. We get each other, no drama. Just laughs fun and swearing. Lots of swearing, mostly from me


Womans Month in Fortnite

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