Welcome!! this is my personal multiverse and home of the Spectrum Soldiers Guild. Here, you will find reviews of worlds i have traveled and experiences that i have had. Portals that will send you on adventures with realm travelers myself included among them. photographic documentation of my favorite moments across all of my journeys. Along with written works of my own and of others willing to share and exciting trivia regarding worlds traveled both new and old. You will also find a members registry and membership application on the Spectrum Soldiers Guild page here. This is my haven for world walkers to freely share their content and help grow their own communities.


Felly_Pelly displaying once again a terrible ferocity on the Fortnite battlefield. High eliminations and assists while surviving some pretty heavy damage she claims gold, loot, and lives with a ruthless efficiency.

Kittywilhelm of the Spectrum Soldiers Guild kills the competition with a big 9 kill win and with consistent 5 placement she really is a Fortnite firefight champion!!

Red-Demon-077 (left) is seen victorious after venturing through the tam-tara undercroft with three strangers of a like mind working together to achieve their goal. Adventuring at its finest!

Here we have Felly_Pelly a Spectrum Soldiers Guild Fortnite fighter putting up impressive stats with a 3 kills per death average and 88 wins this season you should probably always keep an eye to the to five for this gladiatrix.

You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villian”

Harvey Dent