Membership Application

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    Are you willing to represent the spectrum Soldiers Guild on your social media platforms?

    Members are required to create a Linktree to house all their provided social medias. Do you agree to this?

    Do you agree to abide by the guild tenets?
    1:Never grief or troll a fellow guildmate
    2:Do not belittle or antagonize a less experienced player, pick on someone your own size
    3:Always actively represent the Spectrum Soldiers Guild
    4:praise every victory and learn from every loss
    5:partner with fellow guildmates whenever possible
    6:Share no secrets of the guild with outsiders. What happens in the guild hall, stays in the guild hall
    7:always respect the chain of command
    8:Always Treat your opponent with respect. We are soldiers not savages.
    9:Guild members must sign up at the home website real life politics
    11:The tenets are absolute violation of any of them could result in expulsion from the Guild

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    Each guild member is given a bio page on the home website please give us a short description of yourself as a gamer

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