Spectrum Soldiers Guild

Soldiers of fortune, adventurers for glory and riches, warriors, wizards, racers,multiverse travellers from many and varied walks of life. Brothers and sisters in arms bound by honor together the Spectrum soldiers guild seeks recognition, renown and the rewards that come with it. Dedicated to its members and dangerous to its enemies. we praise the victories of our members and gain wisdom from our losses. If ever you need a sword or shield there is no better place to find one and if its brotherhood you seek, you will find it here, see the registry of all guild members. want to learn more about our members? simply click a name to see a bio. Want to join up? click the application link below fill it out and receive a response within the day

A wounded man shall say to his assailant “If I live, I will kill you, if I die, you are forgiven.” Such is the rule of honor

Randy Blythe






Indiandy_jones 12/31/2020 Commander Playstation Fortnite\Rocket League/Roller Champions
Kittywilhelm 12/31/2020 General Playstation Fortnite\Rocket League
Red-Demon-077 02/27/2022 General Playstation Roller Champions
Felly_Pelly 03/29/2022 Soldier Playstation Fortnite

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