Here will be various forms of trivia drawn form things experienced throughout my time spent as an adventurer. A set posted bi-weekly answerable via polls. Are you as well traveled as I?

Did you know?

The best selling Game console of all time is The Playstation 2 with total sales reaching $155 million dollars as of 2012 another decade of sales would only push its record further.

The first Game console with cartridges

The Fairchild channel F, also known as Channel fun for short was the first gaming console to offer games in cartridges in 1976

Americans love arcade games

Time magazine in 1981 reported Americans spent an astounding $20 billion dollars, at about twice the amount of income as casinos in Nevada than an incredible amount of Quarters!!!!

Mario’s last name is………Mario?

From being known simply as Jumpman battling a barrel throwing monkey to a princess rescuing plumber named Mario this Nintendo legend lives in the hearts of all gamers. but many still don’t know why the games are called Mario brothers. John Leguizamo explains in his role as Luigi in the 1993 Mario Brothers movie their last names is Mario. He said “Its Luigi Mario. See because we’re brothers we gotta have the same last name. So it’s Mario Mario and Luigi Mario”